Future of the Internet

So, all of you out there on the old blogging software of years past, what's the future of the internet? I mean for actual content. First it was mailing lists. Then forums. Blogging such as LJ got big. Then social networking sites. Facebook is great for some things, but not actual content and coherent thoughts and stories like LJ. Where to go for such things? Seems RSS is up there and just collect all your desired blogs and such into one feed. Is that what everybody else is doing these days?

Things I Look for About Every Day on eBay

1. Propaganda Magazines: Issues 1-4 and 7-9. I'm a 'zine whore and looking to collect and complete the series. These are all 80's issues and probably really hard to come by, but if you have any of these and feel like getting rid of them, let me know.

2. Industrial Nation Magazines: Issues 1-5.

3. Fluevog Angels Boots: men's size 8. I keep hearing good things about these boots only so I decided to get a pair, only to discover they stopped making them. Something around the 10+ eye range.

4. Current issues of Gothic Beauty: haven't bought any yet, but seriously, is there anywhere in town to buy them off the rack? I haven't seen a copy at B&N in a year or two.

5. CDs: With no more MusicWerks, my desire for new and old music is finally catching up to me. The regular music stores have next to nothing I want. The only online store I've found to be decent is Infrarot and I got tired of navigating the German and figuring out their new pay scheme. Where can I go to get some CDs?

6. Books: So far, eBay has been much better to me than Powell's.

Getting Hit in the Head with a 2x4

I distinctly remember Spock Mountain Research Labs at Burning Man one year which is made up like a hillbilly shack and you spun a game wheel, got hit in the head with a 2x4 and then they gave you some "hyperwhisky" which was half bad whiskey and half hot sauce. It was burn night and several people and myself had gone back to that camp to find them closed. We searched around and found the 2x4 and figured out we could sqeeze through the window of their camp and pour ourselves some more "hyperwhisky" out of their container into used cups we found littering the playa, and then sat around hitting each other in the head with a 2x4 and drinking "hyperwhisky", each time thinking "Why did I do that again?".

That is how I feel right now (well, a few minutes ago actually), standing around in my kitchen cooking dinner, and doing pulls off of the bottle of "Rhum Barbancourt" that I bought earlier tonight. I was actually looking for a bottle of "1 Barrel" rum from Belize (which my favorite bartender from Sun Liquor has turned me on to) but instead bought the Rhum Barbancourt as they had none of the former. I had never tried it, it was on the top shelf, and they have an older version that I've never bothered to pay for. However, I have found it to be bitter with a strange aftertaste. Simple additions of lime juice and bitters do not make it palatable. Thus, I have resorted to standing around pulling off the bottle, and when I do, each time, it reminds me of the above experience, expect without the fun or camaraderie that made it a remarkable experience.

Did you go to WGT back in the day?

While working on Graceless magazine, I have been put in touch with some people doing a book on the last 20 years of Wave-Gothic-Treffen. They are looking for people's stories, pictures, and memories to compile and would love to hear from some Americans that went. They'd especially like to hear from anybody who was there in the chaos of 2000. Below is the call for submissions:

20 years of Wave-Gotik-Treffen

Plöttner Verlag and the "Schillerndes Dunkel" team invite you to join us in celebrating the 20th Wave-Gotik-Treffen and toasting to twenty more years of the annual dark invasion of our favorite city. We will be publishing a written and visual account of the last two decades of WGT in a limited edition book.

We're looking for your memories, observations, confessions, and commentaries about WGT: your first time, your seventh time, your last time, your twentieth time(?!). What was your strangest experience? Your most cherished memory? Who did you meet? What brings you back year after year? We can accept texts up to 1000 words each written in either German or English, preferably in Rich Text Fomat (RTF) - shorter texts are of course also welcome. Our aim is to present each piece in both both languages.

However, don't feel limited to text. We're open to whatever 2-D form you want to present your memories in: a handwritten journal entry, a photo collage, a drawing...surprise us!

We're also looking for photos made in and around Leipzig during WGT, old tickets, wristbands, and programs as well as newspaper and magazine articles about WGT. Digital photos should be submitted in a minimum of 150DPI TIFF or JPG format. When sending photos, please include a description of each photo: i.e. year taken, general location, venue, band, etc. Scans should be made and submitted at a minimum of 300 DPI. If you don't have access to a high resolution scanner, you can mail your submissions to us and we will scan them and return them to you (please include a self addressed envelope).

Please contact us through email at info@schillerndesdunkel.de with any questions or for further information about digital transfers.

Digital Deadline March 25, 2011
dressed up

Emilie Autumn

Over the weekend, I went with cupcake_goth to see Emilie Autumn. We bought VIP tickets so we showed up early, got some tea, listened to her talk and play the violin a bit, and then got in the front rows before the rest of the crowd got inside. We were upstairs in the bar which was also less crowded the audience seemed to be fairly young. (And I must be getting old as I was thinking to myself, do their parents know they're out dressed like that?) Musically, it was a bit like cabaret/circus music and I'd put it with shows like Amanda Palmer or Circus Contraption for a rough fit. Theatrically, it was burlesque for girls. Women in pretty underwear singing and doing skits while kissing other girls without any of the interruption or bother of having to take off clothes. I enjoyed it all very much.

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End of 619

So, as most people probably know, 619 Western where my photo studio is shall be closed down due to the tunnel in the next year. Everybody in there is getting kicked out as they'll either have to tear down the building or rebuild it to the state that artists won't be able to inhabit any more. So, it's probably time to start doing photo shoots there. Time to climb out on the fire escape (well, maybe not quite yet), invade the stairwells, and explore the building for places to shoot. So, this is the LJ announcement that I'm looking for models. Neo-Vic style shoots for UnMet would be prefered but I'll do other studio ideas also.* Nothing this week but anytime after that.

* I still have a wonderful idea for Alice's Adventures Beyond the Grave I need to work on.

What Event Should I Attend in 2011?

It's almost 2011 and time to pick new goals for the year. I was wondering what I should do that I've never done before. There are several choices:

-Edwardian Ball - Dance and live acts based on Edward Gorey in SF or LA.

-Wasteland Weekend - Think Road Warrior re-enactment.

-Goth Cruise - It's goth. It's a cruise.

-Triton Festival - Another music festival on the East Coast


Besides that I plan to go to Rome and Wave Gothic Treffen this year as well as Burning Man and some other events
I have already done. Photo ops are a consideration.