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2015/2016 Yearly Goals

It's 2016 and time to go over last year's and this year's yearly goals. Last year was pretty good. Some bad things did happened. My mother had a heart attack and my father has broken his hip. Hopefully, they'll get better and nothing will happen in 2016.

For 2015, we have the following goals:

-Politics: Goal was to read some books, keep track of things and get rredy for the election cycle. Pretty much did this.
-Convert VHS to DVD: Got all my old VHS that don't have DVD equivalents converted to digital form. Still working on getting DVDs created but the main goal of backing up all that stuff such as Wax Trax Video Samplers and Propaganda Video Magazines has been done.
-Publish Family Tree; I was well on my way after last Christmas, but my computer died and all the work I spent on that was the one thing I lost. I'm still trying to get back to where I was last February so I can try and convert it into an easy to look at format to give to the rest of the family.
-Buy a House: Fallen farther behind than I was last year. Still wanting one but need to get new pre-approval letters and talk to a realtor and actually look at houses.

For 2016:
-Refit wardrobe: Carharts and black tees are great but I feel I really need something a bit more stylish. If nothing else, I need to actually get my suits that I do have altered to fit me properly.
-Get Art Hung: I have a bunch of unframed art and a great deal of empty wall space in my apartment. As part of my "no longer a college student" goal, I'll try and get those two things solved.
-Paris: Plan is to go to Paris this year, and hit Wave-Gothic-Treffen too. It's the 25th anniversary of WGT and I think several other friends are going this year.
-Election: Time to pay attention to the election if just to keep track of what is going on. Besides the usual issues, I'll probably look at the caucus process and perhaps show up at one.

Several other (past) goals were done:
-Go to Bolivia: Originally it was to go to Paris which has been a goal for the last couple of years (and moved to 2016 now), but my dad wanted to go on a hunting trip to Bolivia with me, so I was able to add another new country to my list. Didn't see much of the cities, people or culture, but did get out in the rural area, saw eagles and owls in the wild areas between farmland where we hunted doves. Met the local menonites and some locals whose land we hunted on and that we gave the doves to.
-Redid Finally got off my ass and redid the website and am keeping it updated with new content weekly. New content for the new website anyway, but mostly just old band photography of mine. Now I need to work on getting more content, either creating it or seeing if I can get other people to help. Grand goal is to not only have a place to host my photos, develop my web skills, but to get the site to a point I can use it to get photo passes into shows.

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