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Fantasy Fucking Vietnam

“The thief, the one they called Blackleaf, was from Waterdeep. She was wrapped too tight for the Dungeon, probably wrapped too tight for Waterdeep. Elfstar with her magic missile spell was a famous mystic from the woods south of Shadowdale. You look at her and you wouldn't believe she ever cast a spell in her whole life. Ironwolf, Morgan Ironwolf, was from some South Neverwinter shithole. Light and space of the Dungeon really put the zap on her head. Then there was Frederick, the Dwarf. It might have been my quest, but it sure as shit was the Dwarf's party.”

The term "fantasy fucking Vietnam" was first used as a derogatory manner when describing what was seen old school Dungeons and Dragons playing style of clearing dungeons room by room. Each step in the dungeon dealt with traps, monsters, and tactical decisions which would mean the survival or death of the PC in question. The first time I ran across it was in an thread that the above quote was taken out of. It was a thread that took the meaning at face value and people described a fantasy Vietnam war where the grunts were adventures, the dungeons were full of VC equivalents with all the Vietnam movie and literary tropes added. I thought this was a great idea and posted the below as an introduction to the game I wanted to run:

"This is fantasy fucking vietnam. The PCs are sent by their kingdom to a pantheon forsaken jungle to fight an expanding necromantic empire while ordered to fight under Lawful Stupid rules of engagement by naive nobles of a lower level while the real reason they are there is to keep the gold mines open and flowing into the coffers of people who aren't even in country. River cannibals led by a rebel lord. Mountain barbarians. Flights of elves on griffens that fly in and burn a village down with wands of fireballs simply because some wizard sent a message spell back to base saying they found undead activity. Add in usual tomb crawling and such too.

This is an experiment in playing D&D while exploring Vietnam war tropes of movies, novels, and pop culture. Will it be an alignment hellhole or a murderhobo paradise? It is an on going D&D game on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Due to the infrequency and experimental subject matter, each night should move quickly and be self contained and handle whoever shows up each month. There will be role play as well as combat, probably in equal amounts.

Character Creation: using Pathfinder Core Rulebook and 4d6, drop lowest, then re-roll 1's; six times and arrange for stats. Only Core races and classes. You only need to buy weapons and armor with starting money."

I now have players and we are meeting once a month to play said game. I've been watching every Vietnam movie I can get my hands on. I've checked TV Tropes. I've started collecting The 'Nam comic and reading it. I'll be posting updates about the games here and otherwise looking for comments or neat ideas I can add.

Next game: Two characters go to basic training.

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