marc17 (marc17) wrote,

Arrival in Rome

My trip to Europe, via a near polar skirt of the darkness, managed to land me in Rome the next afternoon without ever having seen nighttime. I was awake, not wanting to really mess up my sleep schedule by napping, so after making it to my hotel and checking in, I took off towards the colosseum which was a short ways away. I found it and was met with rain and countless men selling umbrellas as tourists huddled around it for shelter. Personally, I found it much like the Seattle I had left and dismissed all sellers of umbrellas and panchos away from me. Even later when it rained even harder and I was already soaked, it was a warm rain and I only worried for my camera and iPad in my camera bag which proved to be suitable rain proof.

After a trip back to the hotel and then to the cafe across the street where I had panini, cannoli, and espresso in that order, the rain had stopped and I ventured out back to the Colosseum. The umbrella merchants had turned into ones selling souvenirs and camera tripods. The crowds were gone and all that was left were a collection of tourists, wanderers, and lovers (let me tell you now and get it out of the way that I have never seen so much kissing as in Rome, the tourist spots, the ruins, the cafes, the trains, everywhere seemed to be couples caught up in being in Rome).

Right past the Colosseum is the Forum. Lots of fallen columns and statues ended with Trajan's Column.

Beyond that is the Vitorrio, a massive marble monument to Italy's first King. Somewhat pretty but seemingly very unfunctional and out of place.

From there I wandered into downtown seeking other famous spots, The map and guide I had downloaded onto my phone pointed me to the Trevi fountain. I walked down dark Roman streets past buildings that seemed older than the US and into some alleyway. From there, I could see light and a crowd of people and knew that was it. Even late at night, the Trevi fountain is full of people and stuff going on.

From there, I wandered back home to the hotel to the bottle of Cuban Rum I had bought in the rain earlier. It was awesome and fulfilling. In what I had previously considered would be a lost day, I had seen many of the goals I had in Rome and had a wonderful time.

Rest of photos from Sunday.

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