marc17 (marc17) wrote,

Magazine Fetish

I've always had a bit of a magazine fetish, and have just spent the morning re-organizing my collection. I like to read and collect them, especially those dealing with particular subcultures. It's almost sad to go through all the old magazines and remember all the good magazines that were out there once but no longer. It's like looking at clubs that have come and gone though out your life. I'm upset that I left all my original Mondo 2000 and Boing Boing (before the web, it was a magazine) magazines back in OK when I moved. Thankfully, I did bring my Propagandas, Industrial Nations and Permissions up to Seattle. I also still have the originals of my punk rock 'zine, Dachau, but have possibly lost to copies of Doublethink, the arts and entertainment magazine, to one of the other persons I worked on it with. I still have copies of Voltage which was the magazine we made once in Seattle. I also have random bits of all sorts of magazines I have found through the years: Dark Angel, Paranoia, mk Ultra, Meltdown, Vial (still printing I think), Sandmutopia Guardian, and a dozen random issues of magazines that happened to have interviews with Genesis P'Orridge or Coil. I've made a habit of searching eBay for missing issues almost every day (although more out of boredom than any real obsession).

Things are changing now however. Print, especially for what I like is even harder to find. There are no more magazine stands on Capitol Hill. There doesn't seem to be any magazines to buy there even if there was. I'm not sure if things are getting worse though. POD is getting fairly big and while looking around I have run across several magazines that sell such (although usually at high prices). I've even contributed to one called Graceless. Then there are the PDF downloads. I've found a selection of magazines that are such. It looks like I may be getting an iPad just to read them as doing so on a laptop is unsatisfying. Their seems to be plenty of life out there but it is changing.

The one thing that I really wonder about and that maybe somebody out there with some library skills can enlighten me on, is 'how are they handling citations if everything moves to the web and digital?' Webpages change and often do. News websites change stories and re-edit articles without to much thought or notice. They get moved, taken down, etc. How do we reference such information especially since serious research requires such? What will the Oxford English Dictionary do once there are no more dead tree books to show as examples of a new word? Can a PDF be treated as a book? Will there be a standard that professional websites will have to adhere to be allowed as a reference? This topic really does bug me.

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