marc17 (marc17) wrote,

I'm back

I have returned from Oklahoma. I have seen family and snow and reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the three other books I took with me. I also played much minesweeper and solitaire.

Now I have New Years Eve to look forward to. This bring sup two issues:

1) What is going on for NYE?

INB is doing something at 11:45 on 1st and Pike. Wear a disguise and bring an effigy to burn. Not sure if I'm up for that. Merc is the old standby, but have done that for six years now going back to Machine Werks. Ghettohacker party looks neat but I haven't tried to find tickets yet. What other interesting things are going on?

2) New Year's Resolutions

Last years were:
1) Do my tarot deck. - I wanted to make up a tarot deck out of pictures so I'd have my own personal tarot deck and build up some photogrpahy portfolio material besides bands. Didn't do this. Had a few ideas but the once or twice I got models, they didn't make it. no way am I getting 72 pictures done in a few days.
2) Fix up my room - Did soemwhat. Can probably finish what I wanted to do in the next few days. Mainly arragning the stuff on my walls, cleanign up and packing away.
3) Go to Canada - Didn't do this. Debating on whether I should hop on a train, go up there, spend the day in Vancover and then come back just so I can have "been to Canada".
4) Learn to do fire - Did this. Not really to a remarkable level, but enough for me to break out my toys wheneverybody else does.

Next years:
I have no clue yet. Have to think about it.

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