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2008/2009 Yearly Goals

2008 was a good year. The first half of the year was wonderful and included a trip to London and Montreal for my 40th birthday. I did lots of photography, some of which will be printed in the new Unhallowed Metropolis book. I rekindled my love of punk rock by seeing one of my favorite bands of all times, Flipper. I also saw Ohgr in what was a wonderful show. I got to shoot all my rifles with my friends and did some WW2 re-enactment. I went to Burning Man and ended the year with a trip back to my old stomping grounds in OKC.

2008 Yearly Goals

1. Go to either London or Rome. - I went to London and saw lots of neat stuff. Saw the sights. I went to museums. It was a constant week of seeing things in person that I've been seeing on TV my entire life. I even got a photo shoot out of it.

2. Go to a foreign music festival. - I had a choice between Treffen or Kinetik and decided to go with Kinentik festival in Montreal because I'd never been there and because friends were going. I had poutine and had lots of fun despite being completely dead since I hit it on the way back from London.

3. Work on Studio/Photography. - I got lights, ladders, and a curtain to block outside light making the studio a place I can shoot in anytime. The one thing we still lack is a sandwich board but I think we may get that under control soon.

4. Clean my room. - Didn't get it cleaned really, but I did move upstairs into a real room, get a dresser, and aquired some art. My living situation is now a little less college-like. I still require a real bed to finish though and I've been putting it off due to the cost.

2009 Yearly Goals

1. Get a motorcycle - I've thought about getting one for a while. So this year, I've decided to get a motorcycle, learn to ride one, and get the license. Ideally, I'd like a BSA WD20 so I could get the British WW2 dispatch rider uniform and ride it at re-enactments, but that would be a serious investment for a vintage bike that I probably wouldn't want to ride around town, putting miles on the vintage engine.

2. Learn to swing dance. - I like lounge nights at the Merc and there are simply too many women in need of partners not to learn.

3. Go to 4th of Juplaya - Spend 4th of July weekend in the Black Rock Desert camping. This is more what Burning Man used to be when I would hear about it. Driving across the desert, shooting guns, and blowing things up. Maxx and Kristan are going as well as friends from Spike's, so I figure I'd make this my travel for the year. I almost want to see if I can get my old truck, Volis, back from Rusty to drive down there.

4. Learn to can - Otherwise, I'd probably just be content with quick pickling my vegetables and never do it properly. This way, I'll actually get the pressure cooker and be able to put up some asparagus or green beans properly when they end up being cheap. I actually turned down my great grandma Tedford's pressure canner over Christmas. Besides not being able to get it home, it was just too small and not able to do quart jars like I want to do.

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