January 12th, 2016


I Have a Confession to Make

I by no means mean this to be an afront to his greatness; it is a personal feeling. I grew up with Labyrinth and bought Scary Monsters fairly early in the 80's and would listen to it at night endlessly on headphones (and still do). Still when Let's Dance came on MTV, I found it boring, too mainstream. There were always the few other songs like Space Oddity that are just wonderful, and a few months ago, I, in my adultness, realized I had only one Bowie album and should buy more, because I have credit cards and my musical library is probably lacking records that should have long been in it. So then I sat with wikipedia discography entry for Bowie and YouTube and listened to at least two or three songs off every one of his albums. To be honest, at the end of it, except for Scary Monsters and the odd few songs that I had already heard, there was nothing I found that I liked. Not to say it was bad, I would describe it mostly as unoffensive to my tastes which is better than many artists even in genres I like, but nothing I liked and wanted to buy. Before SM, nothing is quite to my tastes and afterward, I found everything too bland.

Sometimes, it dawns on me how much of an 80's child I am. There will be bands I've never heard of but will be referenced and upon listening to them, I'll love them. They almost always are from the early 80's if not 1980 itself. Something about that time just led to result in things that I like, and I am not alone. There are certainly people my age who seem to feel the same. Much of this happened before I even listened to music, for which I had no interest in, until I started hearing this music that was somehow different and spoke to me. American Hardcore, New Wave, all the bands on Urgh! A Music War, etc. It's not like that was the music I was brought up with. I sifted through and discarded lots of music, and much of what I liked was obscure and hard to find, yet still there was this period of a few years, much recorded before I had even bought a record pretty much that I latched onto, to the point of only liking the one album made at that time by a consistantly good artist. Just sort of weird when I think about it sometimes.