December 30th, 2012


2012/2013 Yearly Goals

First, we look at the 2012 yearly goals:

1) Work on videos/movies - I did not even buy a video camera. I'm a bit up set this never happened. Seemed like a good skill to have and despite my work asking for something along the same lines, the answer was easy and doable with photoshop.

2) Build props/costume - Did this. Bought a bunch of stuff and worked in Luke's shop and made a Van Haller lightning gun that I entered into the SteamCon costume contest with. It was fun and I want to do more prop making in the shop.

3) Gothic Tea Party - Set up, bought stuff, invited people over and had a nice party but never even took any photos. Didn't get my pig but did have absinthe. I'l consider this one done although I do like bigger, more elaborate parties.

4) Compose a history of Oklahoma Hardcore - Got on this early and wrote some and contacted many people in the OK HC scene I knew from back in the day. I downloaded some music and pictures and was getting a good start on the thing. Then I never did any more. Still want to do this and put it out as a separate small book.

Two out of four isn't good but I also did my NaNoWriMo task from the early 00's and finished a 50k story in one month. So all is not lost. I expect to continue on the two I didn't do and eventually complete them.

Yearly Goals for 2013

1) Work in new media, painting - I figure I'll try something besides photography. So I'll attempt to paint some photos I've done and experiment. If I can get them into some art shows, that would be even better.

2) New event - I'd like to commit to the Edwardian Ball (a dance based on the works of Edward Gorey) but I'm still waiting for the lazy SOB of a manager to get my on call schedule done for the next year. Anyway, if I can't do that, I plan on checking off some event that I want to attend that I haven't yet.

3) New Country - Once again, I'd like to commit to something more specific, but I don't have my schedule for next year. Thus, I'm just putting the goal out there for a new country. I currently have plans to attend WGT in 2013 and visit either Paris or Greece before or after, but in the end, I'll settle for flying to Iceland.

4) Do Christmas - The plan for 2013 is to do all the Christmas stuff I never do, cards, presents, cookies, etc. So, December of 2013, I expect to be a buzy little beaver getting presents and coal ready for all my friends. Back in college, I did cards a couple of times and liked it. This year, I'll try and get on the ball and do all that.