November 14th, 2012



26,000+ words so far. Story is winding down but hopefully can get 35k out of it before I start padding. Somewhere in my house there is a book and a spiral notebook with notes on historical and fictional events to pad with, but I can't find them. Meanwhile, as it is a homage to H. P. Lovecraft, it lends itself to some short stories which I'll probably put as appendixes and documents mentioned in the story. They are:

1) The Cases of Theodore S Black - The protagonist's case files as he starts off the story as a 1930's FBI agent essentially handling the X-Files. Lovecraft had government agents involved in several of his stories such as Shadow over Innsmouth where they locked up all the inhabitants of Innsmouth and bombed Devil's Reef in 1931.

2) The Journal of Erick Wilhelm Schmitt - a journal entry of an SS officer as he learns the true meaning behind the "Master Race"

3) Tale of the Submariner - Diary entries of an American submariner in the south pacific during WW2 is sure that something is not only knocking on the outside of the sub, but also singing a song only he can hear.

4) Report to Admiral Byrd - Otherwise known as Return to the Mountains of Madness by an organized military expedition plus Nazis.

If I get 2-4k out of each of those, I should be pretty close to done well before the end of the month.