December 13th, 2011


2011 & 2012 Yearly Goals

Let's recap my goals for 2011:

1) Go to Rome - Did that and was there for about a week. Got some good photos and did lots of stuff. Saw all the old Roman things I wanted to see and other things I didn't know about. I think the best thing to happen from that is when I was reading a comic where the main character was in Rome, although I had read it before, this time, i recognised all the place the character was at by landmarks as I'd been there also.

2) Go to Treffen again for my 10th anniversary (and it's 20th anniversary) - I did that and did it with a vengeance. Not only did I go to WGT again, but a friend put me in touch with people there and I got my photos and writing in the 20th anniversary book that was done and got a photographer pass. I saw 20 bands and got plenty of photos, including of Chris & Cosey.

3) Use Print on Demand to make a book - I did that with my concert photos. Wrapped it up and sent it off to be published last night. It has lots of problems (I am not a graphic designer.), but this should be a good proof copy to see how it does and do some other projects including photo books of Burning Man, Unhallowed Metropolis, and maybe some RPGs I'm working on if I ever get them finished.

4) Do art for Burning Man - Didn't do this. Couldn't think of anything to do by myself, and looked around for a project to join in on but also couldn't find anything. thought about just chipping into somebodies Kickstarter BM project but that got lost in the preparation for the actual event. Maybe I'll get around to it in 2012.

Goals for 2012 -

1) Work on videos/movies - Might as well get a video camera and play around with doing some video. Not sure what I'll do. If I get serious I can finish the screenplay I was working on with Anthony on our apocalyptic submarine movie parody, Das Truk.

2) Build props/costume - Steampunk seems to be in and I need a costume for next halloween, so I'm thinking about working on a Deathwatch outfit from Unhallowed Metropolis complete with lightning rifle.

3) Gothic Tea Party - This year, since my birthday is on a Friday, the idea will be to basically get people together, dressed up in my studio for a tea/absinth/dinner party, do some photo shoots, and have fun.

4) Compose a history of Oklahoma Hardcore - A possible project for that PoD books. I plan to write down my experiences as a punk rocker in the 80's and 90's in Oklahoma as well as those of others, and try to put together some history of OK's punk rock scene. This will involve tracking down a bunch of the old school OK punks (some of which live here in Seattle), getting their stories and recollection of bands and other things from 'back in the day'. I'll have to try and interview NOTA since they are the closest thing to a punk rock band from OK that 'made it' (not counting The Flaming Lips who really didn't make it as a rock band but were part of that scene). Ideally, I'd also like to collect songs from those bands and put together a CD.