May 13th, 2010


New Camera

I bought a new camera today, a Canon G11. Looked around here in Montreal and did some research. Not quite what I was looking for but it had the specs I wanted. That was something that I could carry in my pocket and use in shows where they don't allow cameras like my DSL or in situations where I just don't want to carry around a backpack camera bag. It needs a decent f-stop, manual controls and preferably shoots RAW. I was originally looking for one of the better point and shoots with some sort of barrel rather than an extending lens. However, those cameras all were a bit too wide with the lens to actually put in my jacket pocket. The G11 does all what I wanted but has an extending lens so I sided with it after reading the reviews in

Now I have a camera to take to shows and to re-enactments that should be able to take good photos. I just won't take it to burning Man as my point and shoot as the dust there always tends to ruin those extending lenses.