November 12th, 2008


Repo! - The Genetic Opera

I went and saw Repo!, the Genetic Opera last night while all dressed up in character out of a movie I had never seen and enjoyed it immensely. Had dinner and drinks with friends and then got to the show where we were probably the oldest people there, but luckily that got us into the bar and out of the rain. A couple of guys seeing me in my GeneCo Hazmat outfit said it was great and all got photos of me with them. Turns out they're the director and writers of the show. It's a beautiful show, like a filmed series of a bunch of photo shoots I'd want to do. It has a nice operatic tragedy storyline that I enjoyed and some wonderful LOL black humor. The music was a little awkward, especially in the beginning but all pulled together. By the climax I realized I was on the edge of my seat with a big grin on my face. I give it a thumbs up and will go see it again and probably own it. I just wouldn't stand in line on opening night in the rain while wearing a costume again (unless there was a girl involved) but I'm glad I did it this time.

The guys who made it are getting no help from their studio and are trying to prove the movie which is essentially the life's work for some of them. They're obviously pimping it out as much as they can trying to get wider release and such. I only wish I had created something that good to try and pimp out. It was a cheap movie as movies go but easily of good TV standards. A few places the lack of budget made itself known but it didn't hurt the movie at all. It's about what you would expect for a musical that has Ogre and Paris Hilton singing opposites while members of Bauhaus are on stage playing the music. It's cheesy camp and it knows it and is good fun all round.