October 1st, 2007


Today's Dinner Experiment

While reading a magazine about Japanese stuff that I picked up in Uwajamaya looking for just such stuff, I ran across an article on okonomiyaki. Since lunch downtown sounded unappealing, I headed to the same store once more to pick up some okonomi sauce which I would hope would have a recipe. I found some and it did. Basically a flour and egg pancake with shrimp and chicken and covered with the okonomi sauce. It was uspposed to have cabbage also, but I "forgot" that. Results were edible. I think it needs to be chunkier though. The article talked about it being hard to flip the things where mine was pretty much a pancake with some bits in it. It's also supposed to have some Japanses mayo and bonito but I actually forgot the mayo and wasn't sure which bonito to get. I'll definatly try it again and it seems to cry out for something a little more fusion and savory with some garlic.