September 27th, 2007


Links & Stuff

Here's some links to things I have mentioned to other people in the last week in conversation. If any of the rest of you haven't seen them, you might find them entertaining.

Mori Chax & Gloomy Bear
I first found Mori Chax's art years ago as one of those strange Japanese websites that makes no sense. He had a great deal of really strange drawings. Old men cyborgs. Santas being arrested. Boys lighting fireworks in a frogs mouth; followed by another picture of the boy wearing a frog outfit with a firecracker in his own mouth. One picture had a little boy being mauled by a bear and in the boy's thought ballons, you could see memories of him finding the bear cub, feeding it, playing together, and being the best of friends. The image of the bear stuck and became Gloomybear, the Naughty Bear which has taken over so much that I can't find all those other artwork or even the original one done by Mori (or anything new that's not Gloomybear for that matter). Click on the main link and get an idea. Then go back and click on the "pictures & BBS" link and then on random Japanese links to see some other pictures.Everythign is in Japanese but if you hunt long enough maybe you'll find all those strange pictures I was talking about.

Deadwood Pancakes
If you liked HBO's Deadwood, you'll like this.

Christopher Judge finds out what Furries are
Works safe but make sure you aren't drinking anything when you watch this.