September 20th, 2007


Photogrpahy Post

From mrsoles:
"Give us your lunatics, your vampire whores,
Your Neo-Victorian masses yearning to free (of zombies),
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore...

...and also...

Your airship pirates, fallen preachers, thieves, aristocrats, mad scientists, zombie bounty hunters, mourners, reanimators, galvanists, ghouls, ghosts, mediums, paupers, alienists, detectives..."

OK, it's time for a request for asistance in lots of photography projects. With the Unhallowed Metropolis game released, we're starting up on a couple of other books and associated photo projects and parties. This is a request for anybody who is interested as a model, MUA, FX artists, or can make props. Props we need would be clothing, accessories, gas masks, and guns, all in a Victorian/steampunk/Unhallowed Metropolis theme. We are also looking for neat locations to shoot, specifically Victorian houses, industrial factories, underground settings, wtc. If you know of any suitable places let us know.

Please post here or in mrsoles's LJ if you are interested.

Info for upcoming events under cut.

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