January 19th, 2007


Prop Call - Unhallowed Photo Party 1/20

This is an open call to anyone coming to the Unhallowed Metropolis photo party. We are looking for wigs, a medical valise, parasols, straight jackets, antique medical implements, and nice folk that like to dress to the 9s and have their photo taken. If you are coming and have anything on the list or any other props that you would care to bring, please do so.

We are also looking for antique gas masks, corsets, top hats, morning coats... Well, you get the idea...

If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Edited to add: We really need a kukri. If anybody has one we can borrow or know where we can pick one up by Sat, let me know.

Also, party is now starting around 6 for people who need to show up early. Show up and then go to the clubs.