October 30th, 2006


Halloween Weekend

IN reverse order:

Sunday - pretty much sat back and watched movies, played video games, and read books

Saturday - Drove people around and helped people move. Finally ate Etheopian and once home it was 10:30 and wasn't sure if I wanted to go out, not sure who else was, and not having a costume to wear to the Merc that could get stained put the nail in that idea. I was tired and asleep in less than two hours.

Friday - I got to hang out with old friends and went to the Pleasure and Pain Hellraiser themed show consisting of three different suspension groups and two peircers that I know. Drinks were pretty good and the show was great. So much stuff going on that I couldn't even take photos of it all. Completly missed the bands as well as some of the acts because I was talking to said friends and taking photos in the greenroom.

Here are some of the photos from that night:

Photos. Do not look if hooks in people's flesh upsets youCollapse )