June 7th, 2006


TLC: Life's Lessons

A few weeks ago, I was stopped on the street by people from the TLC channel doing little Life's Lessons things. They asked me to say a bit of wisdom I have learned over the years for kids these days. I thought, "Sure, I'd love to". Then I thought about the things I would actually say. I bit later I had to turn them down and walk on. Here are the things I came up with:

If you life in a little town and don't like it, the number one thing you should do is leave for the city. Flee. Don't wait for school or worry about family. you can go to school anywhere and it makes an excellent excuse to move to a city and you can always visit family. If you don't feel like there is anything in a small town for you, there probably isn't and all the life you live there will be wasted.

Chances are your parents don't know what they're talking about and while they may have good advice for you, chances are it will not pertain to the world you live in but rather to some world that existed twenty or more years ago. Some of their advice is probably still good, but they are probably the least able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Take what they give and use what seems useful and ignore the rest.

Highschool is pretty much worthless. If they teach you anything of any value or quality is pretty much a crapshoot in publics schools and isn't good prep for college anyway. If you move away or go to college, you'll most likely never see any of the people you went to school with again after graduation. A GED is just as good as a HS diploma if you don't care which school you go to and if you have the money, you probably don't need either.

While it's good to know what school teaches you, grades don't really matter except to get more schooling. Even then, unless trying to get into grad school or keep a scholarship they really have little affect on school and no affect on the rest of your life. Once you graduate, no employer will ever care what your GPA was, so there's no sence in stressing yourself out about them.