September 19th, 2005


Trip to Japan

So I was just looking at air prices to Japan for my trip next spring. About $900 which is comparable to a trip to europe. Just for the fun of it, I decided to look at 1st class and they want $9,900 for a 1st class ticket! I could get two coach seats and lift the arm between them and lay out blankets and pillows for a massive seat and then get the third seat next to that and hire a guy to do nothing but sit next to me with a bag of food and mini bar making me snacks and drinks the entire way, send him home, and then fly him back over to sit next to me again making my drinks for the return trip and still have five grand leftover instead of buying a 1st class ticket. What the hell is that about?

Next April is going to be one big party dotted with a few days of work for me. Japan for two weeks. Convergence the week after that. Then my birthday the week after that.

Yet Another Meme Thingie

LJ Interests meme results:

  1. assemblage23:
    Tom's band. Cool lguys and cool band. I catch them every time I can. Turns out that apparently my old freind Mark27 used to play for them also but I never knew that till recently.
  2. catalyst studios:
    Friends that make cool art out of dead things.
  3. deathguild:
    Cool club that I enjoyed a lot when I was in SF about 8 years ago. They also have a Burning Man camp but that is sort of lackluster as while some of them are super cool others seem really stuck up and my image of them was shattered years ago when I was riding with them and we went out to some playa bar and it was revealed that nobody in this group of Deathguilders knew how to use a nitrous cracker and some old biker had to show them.
  4. gasmasks:
    Gas masks are wonderful fashion accessories and come in real handy when the police are trying to gas you out of your home and city.
  5. guns:
    2nd Amendment baby!
  6. leather boots:
    Leather boots rock and they're dead sexy on girls. I find it impossible to dance in anything other than boots (and do they even come in any form other than leather?)
  7. orkus:
    Cool magazine that covers gothic/industrial music in Germany. If I only read German, I'd get a subscription.
  8. rats:
    Ever since I was a little punk rocker and my nickname was "skaterat", I've had a thing for rats. I even had a pet rat and would walk around with it on my shoulder everywhere. it lived in the bottom drawer of my dresser when I lived in the dorms during college.
  9. stainless steel:
    I like welding and metal fabrication and stainless is one of the standard metals to do so with.
  10. throbbing gristle:
    The first and ultimate industrial band from which all others were spawned.

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