May 3rd, 2005


Birthday Vacation

My extended birthday vacation weekend was a blast. Tuesday, it was out to the Merc for the night. Wed, was my sushi party by the end of, we'd drank abotu 8 bottles of sake and called it a night after everybody left. Thanks to everybody who showed up. I spent Thurs at the metal shop working on more belt buckles for Burning Man which are turning out nicely and then went out for more sushi and to see King Fu Hustle with Heather. The movie rocked. It was very near to Shaolin Soccer in feel and quality. Fri was a bit more laid back playing some video games and buying wireless cards for my iBook along with Lori. That night was Loopback's birthday party where I saw the likes of The American Astronaut, a movie highly recommend, and wrestling such as "Tequila Deathmatch" and the "Japanese Thumbtack battle". The Tequila Deathmatch was some white trash wrasslin' with chairs and floresent lights where every minute or so, the fighters must take a shot of tequila and chase it with a beer. The Japanese deathmatches were even more bizarre as they were in a large arena being watched by thousands of Japanese while things like thumbtacks and barbed wire lined the ring. They were even more bloody than the Tequila Deathmatch. Saturday was spent helping Jodi moving some furnature and eating at Dixies. Later that night was the Circus Contraption show with the INB that involved naked clowns (the horror, ...the horror). Sunday was spent productivly running to the hardware shop and working on Burning Man stuff.