October 9th, 2004


Other contacts

Due to a large amount of spare time, I have re-visited my Friendster.com account as well as gotten a myspace.com account due to my roommate. Due to people I met at Spike's Vampire Bar at Burningman, I'm also on tribe.net. Just search for marc17@painandgreed.com


I was reading my last post and realized I never followed up. I went to Icon of Coil and then headed out the next morning to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival/Ann and Jefferson's wedding. Both were lots of fun although I only knoew a few people at each one.

Speaking of Icon of Coil and the photos I took. I've been debating for awahiel aobut what to do with Voltage Magazine. I want to do more but haven't gotten around to it. I think I'll streamline the style and format and just turn it into a photography/image site. Nobody is going to yell if I post a few articles here and there and photography is about all I post there anyway. I still need to gather up the last year or two's worth of stuff and compile another issue.

Didn't cast any aluminum last night because Rusty is busy due to his birthday party tonight. Should be fun and I expect his new flamethower will be brought out at least once tonight.