June 3rd, 2004


Wave=Gotik=Treffen 2004

I am finally back from WGT 2004 and Germany. It was a long and beautiful trip.

I stayed in Berlin for one night. Much too short to do much of anything but get a brief taste before heading to Leipzig. I did spend a night in a hostel for the first time. I met up with Jeff and Heather and we walked around the city just a little.

The next day, I arrived in Leipzig via train. I ended up with Elizabeth who is a friend of a friend of a Jeff's, but it worked out well because she's cool and is German but living in Seattle. It was great to have somebody who could actually speak the language there. Leipzig was still the same wonderful place and beginging to be overrun with gruftis. Nighttime brought the Americans in Leipzig mailing list's dinner. 50 of us took over a small little restaraunt and they had made up English menus and everything thanks to people on the list. I met lots of people such as Chris from New Mexico, Jackie from Chicago, and Tony from Boston.

The bands were great. I managed to see 12 this time over the 10 from last time. Suicicde Commando was pretty good and I'm not likely to see them in the states as Johahn is apparently afraid to fly. The really good show of the Treffen was Fleindflug which blew me away. Convinced me that I needed to run out and not only by the concert T but lots of CDs. Coil was good if you were a Coil fan.

Shopping was so so. Nothing that I couldn't really find in the States I suspect. If I was shopping for clothes, then it would be a different story. instead I was looking for boots and it was hard enough to find anythng without "New Rock" stamped on them but I finally found my 20 eye black stompy boots in a local store. i was also looking for FAV stuff but never thought it would be so hard to find a German band's CDs among so many German CD sellers tables at a German music festival. I finally found one and luckily didn't already have it.

I ended up seeing much more of the local sites this time. I went to two old churches, a 300 year old coffee house, and the Volkerschtadtdenkmal (sp?) which was amazing. The Volk. is a huge thing like an Aztec temple done in Wagnerian art decco styles. Pictures to come later.

I found my new favorite club, Moritz Borsei, which is an old 16th century city fort. Lots of little staired corridors and chambers all in brick with huge vaulted ceilings. Four or five bars, three dance floors, a place that serves food and lots of little rooms and palces to sit. Not enough for all the people who were there for the weekend though. Normally, I understand that it's the student center for the University of Leipzig and only a gothic/industrial club for Treffen.

I met lots of people from other countries including Germany, Russia, and Slovenia. I also had the same conversations with them. Yes, I only came to Germany for WGT. No, even though I paid for an obsorge ticket, I'm not camping. Yes, I'm an American staying at the Reniesance and not a member of a band.