April 25th, 2004


Computer Woes

The only real woe I have is that I bought Mac OS 10.3 but it won't install. I boot from the CD and the CD drive just clicks and wirres over and over again. It starts to run the install but never gets to it.

Other than that I am just having issues trying to decide what laptop to buy. I need a laptop and I need a PC. I need a laptop for when I go on vacations and such. I'd also like to play around with wireless stuff since this is becoming more of a nessecisty at work. I was thinking of just combining the two needs and being done with it, however now I don't know. I had decided on getting a Centrino notbook with a decent video card. That alone limits my choices to two or three computers.

I went out today and look at them. I even got a demostration of the Toshiba tablet running the Windows tablet edition. It look neat and I'd really like one but it's almost $1000 more than I was planning on spending. Also, the director of my IT group really wants to buy us all these tablets and use wireless at the hospital so there's even the possibility of getting one from work, but I wouldn't bet on it. Even the other laptops I looked at are more than I want to spend ($1500). I could also get an Apple powebook, 12', maybe even one of the discontinued models and then buy a cheap desktop box that I could upgrade at my lesuire for games.

Those are my three choices. Buy the expensive tablet, but another Centrino laptop that fits my need but not yet found, or buy a cheap desktop and an Apple laptop.

Well, actually, there is another comptuer problem I have. My DSL only works if there are two or more comptuers conected at a time. One turned on, it doesn't work. Turn the other computer on, the network works fine for both computers. It's not a port or cable. The only suggestion I've heard of so far is that mit might be a bad filter causing weirdness.