December 17th, 2003



Turned out I had tickets to the all day Lord of the Rings thing at the Cinerama yesterday. Took the day off as a personal holiday I had to use before the end of the year anyway and went. Stood in line from 9 till they let us into the theater at 11. Watched the extended versions of the Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers and then the release of the Return of the King. It was like a flight to Europe with really good movies sitting in that chair for 10 hours.

The movie is easily as good as Two Towers if not better but I still think the first one was best. There's about 40 minutes of character development and then all action till the end. Monsters, massive combat, and great CGI cities on real landscapes that look like they should be CGI. Sam fights HER, which has been the most memerable part of the series since I was 8 when my mother read the books to me. Probably because she stoped reading to me at the end of th The Two Towers with Sam banging on the iron door and Frodo in the hands of the orcs telling me I could finish the last book myself. There was of course the death of the Witch-King which went from what Tolkien thought was just an ironic myth/play on words and turned into a matter of women's ability to excel in a man's world.

The movie theater was the most gracious movie theater I've ever seen. They had $1 hot dogs and nachos, free refills on pop, let people blatantly bring in their own food and drinks, and even bought everybody pizza for free. I never thought I'd see the day that a movie theater would give away free pizza to an entire movie audience. They seemed to have warmed up to the fan community or at least gotten used to them. I remember talk from the opening of the Two Towers and the Cinerama was freaking because, while they had people camp out before, they weren't expecting a several day long party outside their door in the parking lot while waiting for the movie to open. Once everybody was seated, they passed out lanards with your seat number so you could leave between movies and not worry about losing your seat. I really wish the lanards had been silk screened with "Return of the King" though so I could wear it at work.

New Line Cinemas even sent a rep to the theater and they passed out free souveniers as we left, small set of three film frames from each of the movies.

Overall, it was well worth it. I'd do it again if I could.