October 9th, 2003


Theatro Zinzanni

Went to Theatro Zinzanni again thanks to Lori and her work. Free hundred dollar meal tickets to a dinner theater? Sure. They changed soem of the actors since last time. Most of the same stuff, soem trapeze, some acrobats that were nice, but then there is Ming. Oh ... my ... God! First, the guy sticks a knife in his mouth by the handle and procedes to toss a glass vase in the air and catch it on the edge of the knife. That's pretty good. As good as some of the other acts by itself. Then he has this thing that holds glasses and balances it on the edge of the knife. Then he makes it spin. You're thinking this is pretty neat. Then he takes a tray of glasses, and balances them on the pommel of a sword. Then he balances the sword point on the point of the knife in his mouth. So you've got four glasses on a tray, balanced on a sword which is balanced, tip to tip, on a knife. You're just finishing thinking "that's amazing" when they bring out the trapeze. While still balanceing everything, he mounts the trapeze, and procedes to do various gymanstic feats including balancing on his back on the trapeze. All the while, still balancing the stuff without ever having to touch it. Then he starts swinging on the trapeze, and not timidly either. Oh ... my ... God! I've seen movies resort to special effects for less spetacular stunts.