October 4th, 2003



Since work has come up I've changed my hobbies with my lack of time. I've stopped doing so much photogrpahy and workign on the 'zine and instead just slumped into gaming. 3.5 D&D to be specific although I am playing some Vampire on Mon nights. Every other Fri, I am DMing a hack and slash campain running peopel though old AD&D modules with the new 3.5 rules which I like. It's an all night affair and everybody is welcome. It's posted ont he geekboard under promotions and All Night Game if you're interested and want all the info.

I'm also tryign to run a serious campain of four or five people going every other week or so in my new fantasy world. that is also on the EZgeekboard under Another D&D Game.

Thinking about working on websites again. I just need to manage my time better but CivIII is too much of a time suck.