August 23rd, 2003


New Computer

I broke down and bought the 1.6 GHz G5. Looked over the 1.8 some more and decided I really didn't need the 10% speed increase and some features I'd never use. It's a towering box of aluminium. Close to 5" taller than my G4 (which is going to be turned into a server) and somewhat heavier. By CPU speed alone it should be four times my old computer and due to being the next generation, it's suppossed to be 1.5 - 2 times faster than that. So far it has been really responsive. I played a little CivIII and it just speeds through it like it was nothing. I'll have to see how it does with a huge map and 14 civilizations. Moving everything over to the new computer has been pretty painless, including email. Installed most of my software including the games I bought that my old computer was a little too slow to play properly.

I went inside to up the RAM to 768 Megs. Getting inside is pretty easy. Lots of room. Cavernous in fact. I sort of wish they'd scaled it down a little, or at least made room for a second optical drive bay. The vertically opening CD drive bugs me as well as a lack of external open button. It's now located on the keyboard. The keyboard, white eMac style, may be ok unlike the old small ones, but I'm not liking the Apple optical mouse. Too hard to click and drag. But I need a second button anyway to play games with, so I was planning to just replace it anyway.