August 11th, 2003


My Weekend

Saturday I went and worked on the truck. It now has a nice channel steel front bumper. Still need more work on it before I loan it to Luke and LeeNy for BM.

Sunday, Lori and I went to Teatro ZinZanni. It was lots of fun and decent food like a minature Cirque Soliel. I can testify that the people there that they pick out of the audience are not plants, as one, the dominatrix, picked me out for some embarsement.

Work Today

Harborview, where I work, is a confusing place since it's like a castle with four towers. Each tower has it's own elevator and you can't get from one to another except on the ground levels. Helpfulness is our goal at Harborview and I often find myself walking little old asian ladies to where ever they are going because they can't read the English instructions they have and can't figure out the hospital. Today a similar encounter threw me for a loop. I'm walking down the hall and a man very politely calls me over for help (I have a badge so they know I work there). His conversation went something like this with a confused expersion: "I was wondering if you can help me. ...(pause, he looks out the window) she was hit by a car ... they say she still hasn't woke up ... children's intesive care unit (only now does he actually begin to look away from the window and at me to see if I've got an answer) ...eighth floor." I take him over to the Radiology front desk and made sure where the place he is looking for and then send him to the proper elevator. He sounded in good cheer when he left, but his little shell shock act really affected me for the rest of the day.