July 26th, 2003


My Life

My life is currently going well, just I can't come up with any decent hobbies. I finally got that cushy job at the hospital making more than I've ever made before, but it sucks up all of my free time. owever, I am doing much more computer stuff although little Mac stuff whch would make me happy as our PACS system has forced out all the Macs in the dept. of Radiology because it's web app is Windows IE 6 specific. A web app that is platform and browser specific? The world has gone to the hell of lazy programmers.

Voltage is on the back burner. I haven't done much except take photos and do some magazine reviews since the New Year. Tiem has been sucked aways and to be quite honest, the current world of music isn't exciting enough to keep my interest in it up. Nothing is going on that really stirs my insides (in a good way). I have to reorganize my time and workflo and come up with something that works. I can either take it to web in the same form it's in now and peice meal it together and assemble it when I have enough stuff done for it, I can make it web only, or can let it go fallow and work on something else like a computer website that I can work at from work. Mike form Musicwerks is doign a magazine which we'll hopefully see in another month or two. he has a larger staff and budget. i could pass off my stuff to him and then put more effort into computers.

the only other thing I've been doing is some role playing. A nice little social time wasting hobbie it is, but don't want it to take up mor than 20% of my time whcih leaves me to find some other hobbie to take up the other 80%.