July 12th, 2003



So, I'm in the market for a new laptop. I need a Windows machine to do work stuff from home. My old Windows laptop is a P133 and runs really slow if I up it from Win95 to 98. Unuasably slow. So, I'm looking for another Windows laptop. It needs to run some games since outside of work, the only thing that Windows machines are any good at is playing games. It also needs to be light and have a decent battery. After my last laptop, I decided that both of those were going to be major considerations the next time I bought a laptop. Then, of course, it has to look nice. Preferably a solid black, charcol, or metal color. I'm looking at all the local brands as well as Toshiba, HP, and Compaq. Specs are decent but they all look like crap. Reguardless of what I look for, it all boils down to that I want an Apple G4 Powerbook. It's light, has a decent battery and looks cool as fuck. The only other laptops that I've seen that look decent are either cheapo modles that don't have the other features I want, or some IBM thinkpads. Would seriously consider the IBM models, especially since they got in the top three for customer satisfaction for laptops in some survey I read on slashdot (along with Apple naturally), but I'm not going to pay out two grand for a personal laptop sight unseen. All I have to judge them on is a little picture on their web site. I called their customer service and they don't have any resellers that I might be able to go to and look at one. My only chance might be to call them up and tell them that I was looking to buy laptops for my hospital's radiology department and try and see if I can get an agent to come to my work to show me some models in person. This is doable because I am looking to buy laptops for the hospital, but I want it this weekend. I want instant gratification. I want to drive out to a store, see all the different models of laptops available, make my choice and take it home tonight. Not going to happen.

Sigh, I'd have one now if only they weren't all so ugly. Silver and blue plastic, really. I'm not willing to be seen in public working on such a beast.