July 5th, 2003


Welding, the true industrial pastime.

I spent today being taught how to weld. Showed up and woke up a friend of mine who had slept past the designated time of meeting. We headed out to his shop in Georgetown and he brought me up to speed on welding. I'd already done some oxy aceltalene welding and he was low on gas so we skipped that and did some MIG and stick welding. I made a little 1" cube out of sheet steel and burned myself as he said I would eventually. Remember, even though the metal is no longer glowing, it can still be too hot to touch. Stick welding was neat. Nothing like welding two 1/2" pieces of plate together and then taking a sledge to them to test the weld.

This was all in preparation for working on my truck this summer. New platform on the roof rack and intend to build a new front end incorperating a nice channel steel bumper in the front. We talked aobout installing a gas powered generator either under the bed where the spare tire usually goes (plenty of room) or maybe built into one of the boxes in the utitily bed. I need something to plug the power tools and the stereo into while camping.