June 15th, 2003



I, and my BM camp are not going this year. Those people who are going will be camping with the INB. We all have our own excuses. I'm going to England later with Lori so that takes up all my fun time. Still, although there are other reasons why we are not going, that the only reason that we let these things get in the way is our dissatisfaction with BM itself.

When we started going as a camp over four years ago, we were already meeting people who were telling us that they'd never go back. We loved it then and couldn't really understand what they were talking about. Now, after watching it change and alter itself over the past four years, I understand. It has changed and is not the same as it was. Most people blame cops, the laws, the ravers, and other newbies for this. I do not. I put the blame solely on the bmorg.

My personal experience was when the DMV denied my vehicle a permit. Admittedly, I didn't get half the work done on it that I wanted to and if that had been the end of it, I would have figured it was me, I dropped the ball, and left it at that. However, I was not the only person in this category. our other art car had trouble getting a permit and pretty much was told they only got it because the person in charge wasn't there at the time. While working at our camp, we met many other people who had similar stories. Friends of ours called Art War were refused vehicle permits for their art cars also. Not to mention the INBs landing craft, which is so obviously an art car, yet denied a permit for, literally, the lack of a single blinky light, and hunted down by various Rangers (driving an unaltered HumVee). The biggest reason why they seemed to be denying people permits was because the vehciles in question "weren't in this years theme." It makes more sence that the true reason was there is just a lot more art cars than there were, however, it's just another case of how the bmorg is trying to get people to alter themselves to fit their idea of what BM should be rather than modifiying BM to fit the people.

In my dissatisfaction, I went off and talked to some other freinds of ours. Seems this trend is not just limited to art cars but other art installations also. I was told that Seeman would never return to BM as a large art exihibit, simply because they would be under more restrictions than if they did their thing in the SF city limits. This was followed up by stories of how various people that used to helped create BM have been forced out while various others take over. How those people give preference to their friends and ass-kissers and starve out others. That, along with hearing Crimson Rose's aid yell and scream about where the parachuters were landing, not for any real issue but simply because they weren't landing where they were "told to".

Talking to other people who are involved with the organizational bit of BM has also been a let down. Talk of how a few run everything from SF and nobody from anywhere else can effectivly add any input reguardless of hom much work they actually put into the event. Those who were there and try to change things (or rather, try and keep them from being changed) are forced out or just "fired" for voicing their opinions.

To put it simply, I am disillusioned. BM is no longer anything I am a part of. It has become somebody else rave that I am allowed to attend if I fit in with their idea of what it should be about. Maybe I'll go again, just not this year. If I do go, be sure that I won't look as hard to add any more than I want to because it has gotten to the point where it just takes and doesn't give back anything. We have met lots of really cool people at BM and this is the only place we get to see them. The people make BM, it's just upseting that the organization has made it so hostile that it might not be worth seeing them any more.