June 8th, 2003


This weekend

Lori and I just got back from the Seattle Industrial Board campout, or rather weekend at a cabin. 16 or so people all at a large cabin eating, drinking, watching TV, playing games, and sitting in a hot tub half an hour on the other side of Steven's Pass. In the mountains, right on a raging river. It was fun. had a good time. Fri was grilling meat and drinking. People kept it restrained this time. Last time peopel went all out the first night and spent Sat recovering. Made a brief trip to Leavenworth on Sat which was a tourist hell and then jumped from the hot tub, to the fire, to the couch in front of the TV playing endless episodes of Family Guy. Stopped on the way back from the campout at the reptile museum in Monroe. that was fun. Lots of snakes and lizards.

Played several games, one being Paul's "Rivethead, the industrial game". in Rivethead, you are a band trying to get signed. You travel around the board (shaped like two interlocking gears) collecting money and 'rivetpoints' inorder to buy equipment and get signed. To get signed you have to have so many rivet points and then have the proper instruments to get signed by the label whose space you land on. Lori and I won by getting signed to Ant-Zen. The real fun part was the Q&A questions which went back and forth between obscure musical instrument data and local scene questions which everybody but the person anwering the question seemed to know.

The Gimini party campout was about 45 minutes away. Didn't get a chance to drop by there to see how they were doing. Waiting for LJ reports on their weekend.