April 25th, 2003


Fond memories of my youth...

Every now and then I remember little stories of things that made being a punk rocker/industrial person-in-black so much fun in OK. The graveyard drinking binges, the breakign into abandoned buildings and other ways we amused ourselves. Then there was the way we interacted with other people.

I remember heading over to some friends new apartment. One of the girls with me had helped them move in just two or three days earlier so she thought she knew where it was, but it was one of those huge apratment complexs filled with forty buildings that all looked exactly alike. Earlier, in the car we had been joking that we could just ask anybody and they could point us to the apartment with the "weird kids in black." We laughed and said that surely three days wasn't long enough to become infamous yet. As we walked up the stairs in what we thought was the right building, we encountered a group of children playing. They looked up and saw us, their jaws dropped and almost in unison they all just slowly raised their arms and pointed at one of the doors. One boy manged to say "They live there."