April 11th, 2003


My Music

So, one of my yearly goals is to become a musician. Make some music. Drag it out at parties and play if for freind making them listen to it going "See, if I was a musican, I'd be constantly making and playing this stuff for you and telling you its great, ...aren't you glad I'm not a musician."

Finally getting inspired. Had a dream earlier in the week and heard a song in it and I want to do the song. It was an industrial version of Anarchy in the UK, but the lyrics were deadpan (while keeping with the rhythm) with voice effects and the word automated replaced Anarchy. I told Lori, who used to be in a band and she talked aobut helping me. I'm going to get her to help me with another song also I've always wanted to do which is a gothic/industrial version of Simon and Garfunkle's Sounds of Silence. From there I'll probably just do some powernoise/industrial covers of old punk rock songs like "Argh, Fuck Kill!" Put drum machines to the old punk song's bass and then run synths along the guitars while screaming lyrics. How can I go wrong?

All of this I plan to do on my computer sicne I don't want to spend any actual money on this hobby.

If I like doing it, maybe I'll follow the Psychic TV theory of music and just put out as much as possible so that eventually you end up with somethign decent. Out of quanity comes quality.