March 10th, 2003


General Stuff

Work is going good. Still employed although who knows for how long. Not even my boss. They're hiring two peopel but don't really know for what as the job requirements keep changing and one of those two may be shifted to another department in the next couple of months. Oh well. Got to go into the OR for the first time today. Had to wear little jumpsuit and things on my head and feet. It was interesting walkign past all the operating rooms and seeing people working. The problem? Some guy had changed the IPs on some really important computers and didn't change the gateway. Called it into the network people who confirmed it wasn't the network and they gave it to us while one manager swore it was the programs and they needed to be reinstalled. No way does the same program break on two different computers in two different places in an error that suggests a network problem. I finally the passwords and get to look at the computers and of course it's a five mintue fix that has infuriated the OR for the last week.

Other than that, tonight is Shaolin Soccer over at Jeff's. This does for sports movies what Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon did for kung fu films. Good team. Bad team. Soccer balls that leave trails of fire across the feild when kicked and kung fu feats galore. Imagine the Matrix as a film about soccer. I can only hope the movie is as good as the trailer which has obviously impressed me.

So I went over to Uwajamaya and got some snacks. I also picked up dinner which was PBJ. I needed peanut butter anyway and a few christmas' ago, I'd gotten my mom a care package of asian food which included some Coconut Jam. She raved aobut it so i went looking for some. Instead I found Coconut Egg Spread? It was interesting and pretty good but hard to describe.