February 4th, 2003



After a year and a half of vacation, I started a new job today. Can't say I'm unhappy. It was getting boring and I wanted to get my hands on computers again. Pays well and it's at the place I wanted to work ata again, Harborview Hostpital.

It's a job I had applied for and already had the interview. Thing is, that they have so many worthy applicants, that it's going to take too long for them to review, interview and then reinterview everybody. So they decided to hire a temp worker till the get around to making the final decision. I knew the people there, had already had my interview, and my references work at HMC and were known and liked by my new employer. So they just asked if I wanted the temp job, but made sure to give me the "not a promise of a job in the future" speech. So, I'm doing the job that I probably won't get in the future. Still, all sort sof things can happen in just a few weeks even. There are other temps there who have been temp for about a year doing similar jobs, so it could last for a considerable time. I'm also making more than I've ever made before.

First day went well. My main fear in any tech job is that I'll get to work and they'll immediatly demand something way above my skill level out of me, get pissed that I can't do it, and then fire me. My first day was basically being given tours and then handed a book on Acitve Directories with them saying "learn this". Doesn't look too hard and I think after skipping ahead to the "How to Maintain Active Directory" that I've got about as good of a grip on it as anybody else there. I also solved a typical desktop support problem today. Yay me!