January 23rd, 2003


Truck adventure

I was in Bellevue at CompUSA with the truck today and coming back, when my clutch cable broke. So I'm sitting there with hazards on right in front of all the high school kids wondering what to do next. I figure that I can shift gears all i want so long as the truck isn't running and that if I try, I can actually start the truck up in first. I tool around in 1st for a little bit and figure out that it'll take me an hour to drive home this way. i drive up a hill and spin around and kill the truck. I try second. it works and now I'm going a decent speed but not enough to get ont he highway. So, I find a larger hill. I wait for the light to be in my favor, start the truck up in 3rd and screech around the corner at the light. One light left and of course it turns red with 50 yards to go. I can go pretty slow in 3rd but not slow enough to make the next light change. Fearing that I won't be able to get it started in 3rd again, I slow down, amke sure all the cars have gone, and then punch it and run the red light. Now I'm on the highway and going a decent speed of 50 with the hazards still flashing. Once back in Seattle, more stoplights and back to 1st for the last mile or two except for a brief spurt of 2nd gear.

It's back in it's parking space and I found out what is wrong. The little plunger that connects to the clutch pedal came out. Pretty easy to get to and would be easy to fix except that one part and maybe both are stripped. Not all the way but the first couple of threads anyway. Probably fixable by myself with some work and frustration.