January 21st, 2003


Not sure...

...if yesterday was uproductive or not.

We, a bunch of Okies and other freinds, got together at 11:30 yesterday mornign to go shooting. Everybody was on time, we got in our cars and took off for this little gravel pit in Port Townsend. Rode the ferry, got to Port Townsend and the gravel pit was closed. It was posted no hunting or tresspassing, it had been cleaned up and looked like it was in operation again. Event he gravel company that owned it was closed so we couldn't even ask them if we could shoot there and get told no. Talking to a guy at a sporting good store, he told us that som kid had got himself killed there a few months ago and they closed it down as the local shooting range for locals. Instead we headed out to the gun club and they're closed on Mondays. We went back into PT and the cafe we wanted to eat as was also closed on Mondays. We ended up at this Restarant/Bar for expensive food that wasn't that great. Then we came home over the ferry again along with over half an hour wait. I ended up getting in late and missing the movie noght at Jeff's.

All in all, it was a fun day trip with a group of freinds, but we didn't actually get to do what we wanted or even do much out of the car. I missed movie night, but I had seen that movie before. The biggest let down was paying $20 for so-so food.