January 3rd, 2003


New Year's Resolutions

The resolutions that I make aren't nessisarily things that I feel I should do and this is a way to get me to do them, but rather things I wouldn't mind getting done and this is an excuse to spend effort on them. The are usually milestone bullet point type items like "go to Germany" or "become a profesional writer". A way of doing things that I'd never normally do. That way when I look back, I can at least think to myself that year, I did these productive things. If I don't get things done, it stays on my list of things to do.

From 2001: I did everythign but publish four issues of Voltage magazine. The third issue is almost ready and the forth is in the works. Plenty of peopel are helping me with this and it looks like it's getting better rather than petering out.

From 2002: Have yet to go to Canada, or decorate my room properly, but both are in the works. The tarot card thing is alot of work when yo consider 72 different pictures all involving differnt models and props in each one. Still, I want to get this one done sometime before I die.

One thing I did this year that I always wanted to do was climb Mt. St. Helens. Not that mountain specifically, but I always wanted to climb a mountain in the summer time to the point I could stand in snow. Coming from the South, the idea of snow in summer is so bizarre that it has been an image I've wanted to do since before I moved up here. I also had an art showing and managed to sell a couple of photos.

For 2003: Not sure what I'll pick. Unemployment sort of limits some of my options due to money concerns.

1. Become a musician. Most likely involves getting some computer music gear and making some of my own songs. they don't have to be good. They don't have to do anything, but at least I'll have done it. A live show would be cool though and lord knows no matter how bad I am, I've paid to see worse bands.

2. Get out of Seattle, go to some other city and hang out for a week or so and check out the scene there. Maybe SF or NYC. Return to the south and visit old college friends in Houston. Someplace in Europe would be a major coup. Would prefer to do this about three times during the year.

3. Go visit the ocean and the tide pools. I've been here six years and haven't been closer to the Pacific than Port Townsend.

4. Rebuild all my websites and build the ones that I've been meaning to but haven't.