December 14th, 2001



Last night was the night for dreams.

It all started with something a little inspired by the Fucio horror films they'vew been playing at the Merc, particularly "The House by the Cemetary". We were out camping and whoever went camping next to the old house ended up getting attacked by some sort of creature. It was skeletal with large claws and wrapped in rags. Not so much a nightmare as it never really caused me to be scared. From there we ended up in the house, which was a bar and drinking with my old friend Wes. The place is dark and wooden and we're in a booth with a bag of some sort of special gas. The gas is in a military bag that is green with typical military stencils on it. We're using the gas for soemthing. Either huffing it or putting stuff in it. I can't remember. We end up duct taping a ring into the end and twisting the bag to close it off or open it.

From there, reality intrudes as my roomate upstairs tryies to play some music on the stereo while taking a shower before work, but keeps playing one of my punk rock CDs by accident. She eventually gives up and leaves for work. I probably did hear my roomate upstairs getting ready for work and leaving out the front door which is right above my bead. I highly doubt she played any music, and especially not any of my CDs as none are up there.

Back into dreamland and some freinds are trying to get me and this girl together. She looks like a 50's girl with beehive hairdo and pastel off-the-shoulder party dress. This is all happening in preparation for somebodies surprise party. We're hanging decorations and drinking pitchers of beer. I sit aorund and wonder if I should hit on said girl who is playing wall flower. This all looks liked it took place in a classroom.

Complet 180 degree turn around in the next dream, and I'm under ground in a secret tunnel that has artificial light as bright as the sun coming formt he roof and really tall trees that brush up against the ceiling. Snow is on the ground and a group of us who found ourselves in this place are trudging though it. It becomes quite obvious that we are the X-Men and lost once agian in an unknown world. Change scenes and other people are also int he underground world. Eventually, while climbing an outcropping, we find some of their sleds and pull them down. We then take off on our own sleds, although not too fast (Where did those come from? We didn't have sleds earlier.) We skip the down hill path that looks like a ski trail and instead double back down a road though the road. We are then confronted by the other people who are obviously duplicates of us. We're faced with one girl and a skinny guy who looks like Woverine but has rough claws of obsidian. one of my group shows up, a girl that burst into flame like the Human torch (slight memories of earlier in the dream where we run across her and she discovers her powers and has trouble controling them). I turn out to be Woverine (and remember remarking on my discovery) when I *pop* claws in defence.

Then I woke up and thought on what a stange night it had been since I usually don't remember any dreams, let alone such a menagerie.

Iron Chef

I really like that show.

A friend and I were talking about it last night and discusing the Iron Chefs. First it started with the possiblity of Iron Chef American and how there couldn't be such a thing. I countered that it would have to be all fast food. So next came Iron Chef Mexico. the thought of someone mastering all of Mexican cuisine boggles the mind. Then came Iron Chef Britain! "Yes, Iron Chef Britain is putting somethingon the stove. It appear to be a large pot filled with water. ... It appeats that he's going to boil this dish.... Iron Chef Britian is putting another pot of water on the stove. He's going to boil the next dish also!"

I leave you with the thought of Iron Chef Isreal.