marc17 (marc17) wrote,

Sake Nomi

Last night, as I went out to grab some dinner in Pioneer Square for Chuckie and myself as artwalk started, I ran across a sign for Sake Nomi, a premium sake shop and tasting bar. I had been told about it by one of the Taiko drummers at the Sushi & Sake festival earlier in the week, but he never emailed me the info (unless it was caught by my spam filters) so I forgot about it. Of course, I had to drop in and check it out. It's a small little store on Washington in Pioneer Square just west of 1st. They have 150 different type of nice sakes. They have a bar that serves about ten. Every week they are serving seven different sakes, and giving away tastes of numbers 5, 6, & 7. A glass of the sakes they had this week were from $8 to $16. For $15, I got the sampler for 1 & 2. I enjoyed it and plan to go back. I'm not sure how they compare price wise versus Owajamaya but plan on finding out. Next week they should have the equipment for serving warm sake, just in time for winter.

The atmosphere was nice. All the chairs at the bar were full and everybody pretty talkative. The couple that run the shop are nice and everybody was talking to the people next to them about various subjects. There was lots of sake talk with the owners and I ended up talking to the couple next to me about their studio and artwalk.

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